the yarn crawl is upon us!


y’all – it is here! this weekend! the first ARKANSAS YARN CRAWL!

i’m so excited because i’ve wanted to do this for years but never had the time to organize it. but thanks to Cyndi at The Twisted Purl, the ARKANSAS YARN CRAWL is a reality!!!!

so what is a yarn crawl?

an event hosted by a group of yarn shops to encourage knitters (crocheters, weavers, spinners) to travel a specific area and go to as many local yarn shops as possible in a specific period of time.

that’s the dictionary definition! i knew that english degree would come in handy!

quite simply it’s a fun event for our community of knitters (crocheters, weavers, spinners) to get out and visit other local yarn shops in the state. we are all different and carry different yarns, notions, and feature different projects! we can’t carry it all. wish we could but we can’t. you can expand your yarn perspective by seeing (and touching) yarns we don’t carry here at the YARN mart. some shops carry spinning fiber. others have a strong weaving bent. or dye their own yarns!

so get out and explore this great state we live in and go to as many of the nine participating shop you can between saturday, october 15 and sunday, october 23.

how does it work?

go to one of the 9 participating shop and pick up a passport! get your passport stamped at each shop to go to and drop it off at our last shop. that way you have a chance to win BIG prizes!

post pictures to the event’s Facebook page. we want to see all the fun you are having and participate vicariously through you. remember we can crawl because we have to be at our shops!

what are the prizes?

visit all 9 participating shops for entry into the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING.

visit 5 shops for prize level drawing.

visit 3 shops for entry to prize level drawing.

visit at least 1 yarn shop for entry to this drawing.

each prize will be a basket full of yarn and other things donated by our sponsors. check out the goodies that will go in the prize baskets on our Facebook page.

so crawl away! hope to see everyone at some point between the 15th and the 23rd. remember we are in our new location at 5910 R Street (between grant & univeristy) in the heights!



crochet anyone?


last spring we launched our BEGINNER KNITTER CLUB and it was wildly successful. so we thought – why not try it with crochet?

starting october 18 the BEGINNER CROCHETER CLUB will meet every tuesday night from 5:30 to 6:30. don’t miss the chance to learn crochet from a master, susan! call today (501.666.6505) to sign up and get your spot! cause they’re very limited!

how will it work?

think of it like joining an exercise class at the gym! come to a session & pay for that session! don’t come – don’t pay!

club members purchase 5 sessions at a time but you attend the sessions you need or want to. each session will be a credit off your total. if you skip a week, then you will not be charged for the credit. you must reserve a spot for each session you want to attend and if they reserve a spot and don’t come, then we will deduct a credit for the missed class (someone else could have had the spot).

the club is ongoing and revolving so you can join anytime!

what will you learn?

the club has 4 levels and each new level builds on the previous level.

level 1.0 – set of cotton coaster. you’ll learn the foundation chain and single crochet. it’s a great starter project and can be finished in about a week. when you purchase a packet of 5 sessions ($75), you will get a free starter kit – a hook and ball of yarn – specific to your first project.

level 2.0 – after you finish your first project, then you will step up to level 2 and a spa cloth. you’ll learn half double crochet, double crochet and a scallop edge. for this project you will need to purchase a hank of CEY provence from the YARN mart but you will be able to use the same hook that you used for the coasters.

level 3.0 – a scarf or cowl using the shell stitch. this project will require 200 yards of worsted weight yarn and a J hook.

level 4.0 – granny square. in this level you will learn the magic ring, working in the round, creating corners, and changing colors.

once you have finished all 4 levels you will get an “i learned to crochet at the YARN mart” tote bag!


how long will it take me to complete the levels?

different crocheters crochet at different speeds. crocheters crochet a little slower than an experience crocheter. it also depends on how much time you have to devote to crocheting outside of the in-store sessions. but the great thing about the club is that you can go at our own pace!

when will it be?


tuesdsays from 5:30 to 6:30

how do i sign up?

call and we’ll get you started! 501.666.6505

is it cowl weather yet?

i love cowls! i love making them. i love wearing them. look at these gems i found on ravelry!

poppin dots cowl

poppin dots cowl*

this poppin dots cowl would be great out of berroco vintage (50 wool. 40 wool. 10 nylon) or royal i (100 alpaca) for a little extra bit of luxury!


cosmopolitan frill cowl*

and how about a little frill? this cowl has elegant cables and lacy edging. i’m thinking it would sing in classic elite yarns provence (100 cotton) or elsabeth lavold silky wool (45 wool. 30 silk. 25 nylon).



and let us not forget crochet! how yummy is this cowl? and with razorback football season here, it would be perfect to show off your craft at those tailgating parties!

*the YARN mart is part of’s In-Store Pattern Sales Program. come in to the YARN mart and let us purchase these patterns for you off and we get a portion of each pattern sale. plus we will print you off a copy & email it to you & make sure it stored in your library so you will never lose it!


the best way to keep your local yarn shop around


i’ve wanted to write a post about supporting local businesses for awhile now. it is something i’m really passionate about because it’s my livihood and life! i have written, deleted and written. i’ve worried that i might hit the wrong tone! but here goes…

y’all another yarn shop is closing! so sad! this one is in Chicago and owned by a like minded woman who i have become friends with via the magic of the internet!
we talk a lot about shop local as a society and in the world of Walmart and Amazon, it is easy to go for convenience and low price. but we, the small business owners of this city/this state/this country, are your family, friends, neighbors! we are the parents of your child’s classmate. we are the heart and soul of the community.
the other day i was chatting with someone about shop local. it was a good friend and she was bemoaning the closing of a great local clothing store. she said she hated to see it go and that she wanted to support it more but she just couldn’t find the time to get up there.

we hear a lot about shop local! american express even created an event to get folks to shop local on the saturday after thanksgiving. my friends up at a shop in minnesota wrote a great blog post about shop local.

check it out here!

and i understand the craziness of life. it is so easy to shop in your pjs at midnight on amazon and it will arrive tomorrow! i understand – i really do!

most days i’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. get shop open. get kid from school. get dinner cooked. get favorite tv show watched. get some sleep.

and what do you get from shopping local that you don’t get from amazon? you get us! you get our help and expertise! you get to touch and feel the yarn! you get to make sure the color is just right! we come with the yarn!

and i know you want to save money. we all want to save money. but  small businesses can’t compete with online businesses. most online business don’t have the overhead a brick and mortar shop has. i don’t have the buying power of the big boxes to buy in huge quantity so i can sell it for less.

so i challenge each of you to shop more with local businesses today, this month, this year. every dollar you spend with us goes right back into the communities we live in. do you really need it tomorrow? and does $1 savings really make a difference?