not our grandma’s needlepoint

needlepoint has something for everyone! and just like knitting and crochet, it is always evolving! new canvases, new stitches, new threads!

and we just can’t carry it all! but we can get you just about anything you want! more canvases are coming with stitch guides these days – so no guess work or imagination needed! or we can help you select fancy stitches for your canvas!

this weekend i updated our special orders page including the needlepoint tab listing canvases by theme! so check out these canvases below and 1000s more on our special orders page! then call us and get it ordered!

christmas purse – canvas by associated talents
humor is everywhere in needlepoint! canvas by amanda law ford
christmas stockings by strictly christmas
beautiful silk ribbon technique on canvas by leigh designs (stitch guide included)



meet the yarnies!

you know them! you love them! now get to know them better!

mary, pictured on the left, helps a customer with her knitting

Mary learned to knit as a child, around 9! Quit for a bit while her children were very young and returned asap when time allowed. For her, it’s all about sweaters and technique. And now that she’s old, she has lots of time to experiment with different ways to create a look or just skin any cat.

Loves: sweaters, beautiful yarn, short rows

Current TV obsession: the 5 movements in The OA

pam, pictured on the right, shows a customer how to seam a sweater during a private lesson.

Pam learned to knit while sitting at the switchboard for the Pulaski County Juvenile Court. For years, she knitted primarily hats and scarves. In 2000, she discovered socks and became addicted.  She reknit her first sweater three times which taught her to fix her own mistakes.  Now she loves new techniques and unusual designs.

Loves: socks, sock yarn, socks, socks

Claim to fame: knitting a pair of socks on a road trip from Miami to Little Rock

Heather and Will

Heather taught herself to knit while trying to quit smoking over 10 years ago. After teaching herself to knit and smoke at the same time, she successfully dropped one habit and picked up another one. Her husband says “if she’s sitting, she’s knitting!” She loves to challenge herself with new craft explorations and share her passion with anyone who will listen. Before buying the YARN mart, she worked in local museums as a researcher, historian, curator and director.

Loves: yarn, shawls, sweaters, not finishing projects

Widely known fact: obsessed with streaming tv!

Come hang out with us! The table is always open! Let us share our passion for knitting, crochet, needlepoint, weaving and yarn with you!


shop local online

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 1.24.24 PM

we hear a lot about shopping local! but what about shopping local online?????

last year we launched our online shop! right now you can purchase yarn, needles, & a few needlepoint kits from the comfort of your own home while supporting your local yarn shop – the YARN mart! you can even register for classes and sign up for events!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 1.29.31 PM

are you a needlepointed and want a new canvas? check out our special order section. we can order canvases from over 50 needlepoint designers. browse the list by company or theme. then call us and we’ll get it ordered for you.

& we know that many arkansans don’t have a local yarn shop in their town (hello northeast arkansas, south arkansas, and  east arkansas!) so we offer FREE SHIPPING on all ordered to an arkansas address!

so SHOP LOCAL ONLINE & get the same amazing customer service that you get in the YARN mart from the comfort of your own home!!!


rediscover the YARN mart

have you visited us lately?

well now is the time to rediscover the YARN mart!

the YARN mart is hopping these days! the new space is a buzz of activity!


new yarns are arriving weekly, if not daily, and we are continuing to restock our staples!


wanna know what is coming in? follow us on instagram or like us on Facebook for all the latest updates!


wanna know what you should make with all these wonderful yarns? check out our bundled favorites feature on ravelry! (this is so COOL!) & then come in or shop online to get them while the gettin’ good!

so come in & be a part of the all the fun & excited at the YARN mart.

new space. new lower prices. new attitude. the new YARN mart!





when i have all the time in the world…

most people think that because i own a yarn shop, i knit all day long. well sorry to burst the bubble but i don’t. too many other things to do like order yarn, plan classes, and clean the bathroom.

i knit at home but like all of us, there are dishes, laundry, & other stuff that get in the way!

so i have a knitting bucket list of projects that i want to do when i have all the time in the world to knit! i use my ravelry queue & favorites to keep track of them!


fair isle is the reason i started knitting! i have always LOVED those great ski sweater (child of the 80s here!) & like so many beginner knitter, i thought i could knit it cheaper than i could buy it. *rolling on the floor laughing*


cool, challenging new stitches are always on my list. the challenge of learning new things is the reason knitting continues to get all the press about its health benefit & keeping your mind active.


this sweater has been in my ravelry queue from the very beginning! & i even have the yarn to knit it. but i’m not sure i would every wear it. it’s mohair and mohair is so HOT!


oh bella’s mittens!!! those cables! some day! some day i will knit you!


this will be my sweater quest! if you haven’t read the book, you should! a hard to get pattern! a nearly impossible to find yarn! & a journey through knitting! the aimee pull will be my sweater quest! it is knitted out of mission falls 1824 wool (discontinued)! so i lurk on ebay and ravelry to see when i can get a new color to add to my collection!


and if i can ever decide on a color combination (so unlike me), then i just might cast this baby on!

we all have a knitting bucket list! what’s on yours? tell us in the blog comments, on our Facebook page or through instagram! make sure to use the hashtag #theyarnmartlr!