1st thursday sale


the 1st thursday of every month is a special day at the YARN mart. that’s the day that we mark down our adoption center yarn! if it was 25% off in february then it will be 50% in march. if it was 50% off in february then it will be 75% off in march. and we’ll add a few yarns to the adoption center at 25% off.

but i wouldn’t wait for a yarn to go to the adoption center. cause we are ordering new yarns all the time and the yarn you had your heart set on, might not be here or in the color/quantity you want.

so join us this thursday morning at 10am to get the first shot at the 1st thursday sale yarns!


cozy, warm sweaters!

i have always loved sweaters! always! it is probably why i started knitting in the first place. & when the weather turns cold, i’m like the rest of world! i want to knit a sweater!

well here is some inspiration!

boston top down hooded coat
hidden ridge (custom fit by amy herzog)
north shore by tincankits
madame g by nadia cretin-lechenne



gin and tonic by thea coleman




make knitting a priority


we’ve gotten a lot of attention at our new location! people going to the chinese restaurant stopping by to see what we are about! walkers on their afternoon stroll popping in to tell us how glad they are we just moved and didn’t close!

we always ask if they knit or crochet. and more often then not we hear “i used to but i don’t have time now!” or “i want to learn when i retire and i have more time!” or “life is just so busy i can’t seem to find the time!”

notice a thread! TIME!


we have so many demands on our time in this modern world. as a working parent, i totally understand. there are all the things we have to do. my husband calls it the adult stuff.

all work and no play makes jack a dull boy!

we need to have a hobby to make our lives fun and enjoyable! we only get this trip once so we need to make the most of it! some folks garden or run or read. others play video games, watch tv, or do jigsaw puzzles. something that gets you to your happy place mentally, physically and emotionally.


well knitting, crocheting, needlepointing, and weaving bring me to my happy place. i can do them while i’m watching tv with my family. or when we are driving on vacation. i take a small project to dinner with friends and sit knitting away while we chat before dinner. my husband says that if i’m sitting i’m knitting. and that’s the truth. i find time to knit. i make time to knit.

well we got to going on at the YARN mart! no more excuses!

but you don’t know how? well join the BEGINNER KNITTER CLUB or the BEGINNER CROCHETER CLUB! or sign up for the WEAVING 1.0 class starting in january!


know the basics but want to learn more? want to get back in the game? try BUILDING BLOCKS (starting in january). commit to 10 weeks at an hour a week and we will have you knitting like a pro!

need a group to knit with? how about our thursday night knit night? we have more fun than i can describe in one blog post! and beginner are welcome! these ladies LOVE to share their knowledge of all things knitting!


want to learn a few tricks to improve you knitting? join us on 2nd saturday @ theYARNmart for a 30 minute workshop. starts at 9:45am! reserve your spot for our december workshop & learn how to make your stitches blossom with soakwash!


and last but not least! just come hang out with us! if we are open, the table is open!

come and sit with us! come and chat with us!

come and knit! come and crochet!

come and needlepoint! come and weave! 

come and find your happy place!





at this time every year, i start reflecting on the year & what i’m thankful for. and just about every year, i write a blog post called THANKFUL. maybe it is middle age. maybe it is my nature as a historian. but i’m truly thankful for my life and the people who am lucky to be surrounded by.

i am thankful for the wonderful women i work with. they make it a joy to come to the shop and make it a fun place to be. they are strong, creative, loving women and i’m so glad to have them in my life. y’all rock & i love you!

i am thankful for my great family who put up with this crazy dream of mine. and beam with pride when they tell someone that we own the YARN mart. it is not easy all the time. but they know i’m happy & that makes them happy. that is a gift!

i am thankful for my fellow local yarn shop owners around the state & the country that provide a sounding board for me & my ideas. sole ownership of a small retail business can be a lonely place at times & having these amazing women and men to vent to or laugh with…it means so much to me!

and last but not least…i am thankful to you! my wonderful, amazing, creative, loyal customers. we would not be here if it weren’t for you! you have kept the YARN mart going for 52 years. without you this shop would have closed long ago!

happy thanksgiving everyone! be nice to each other! love each other!



hello alden!

50 merino. 25 alpaca. 25 acrylic. & 250 yards.

we have fallen in love with this yarn! it is soft! & beautiful rich colors! & light! yes, i said light!

light is not usually a word we associate with wool yarn but it is in the case of alden.


mytilus by jana hunk

wondering what to make with alden? well check out the YARN mart’s favorite bundles on click the picture of the mytilus sweater above and see what we are recommending.

actually you can check out all our favorite bundles for most of the yarns we carry plus patterns we have promoted in the newsletter or on the blog or as shop models.

then come in or go to and get the yarn! not more searching. no more guess work. (well maybe a little guess work!) and then get to knitting.